Build Wealth And Create A Legacy

Real estate investing is one of those things that everyone wants to get into but few actually follow through with due to all the hassles and time commitments of being a landlord.

At Kind Equity Partners, we help you build wealth and create a family legacy through low-risk, high-growth real estate investments in strong markets throughout the country.

We personally vet every real estate syndication (group investment) opportunity we open up to our investors, to ensure they’re the best fit for you and your investing goals.

What Are Real Estate Syndications?

Real estate syndications are essentially group investments. Rather than investing in a rental property on your own, real estate syndications allow you to invest passively, without the hassles of being a landlord. Together, we invest in a commercial asset, like an apartment community.
When you invest passively in a real estate syndication, you get to invest your money and let us do the work for you. We find and manage the deals on your behalf. You sit back and enjoy the passive income, knowing that your money is secure and growing for you.

Passive Real Estate Investing Gives You…

✔ Cash Flow

✔ Equity

✔ Appreciation

✔ Tax benefits

…all without the hassles of being a landlord

Meet Erik Jackson

Erik Jackson created Kind Equity Partners in 2019 to help busy construction professionals and business owners to learn about and invest passively in real estate syndications and other opportunities.

Over the past two decades, Erik has been a co-owner & CFO of two Seattle-based construction companies: an award-winning residential design and build firm; and a residential earthquake retrofitting company. ​

Erik has invested in real estate for over 3 decades and is currently invested in 14 apartment complexes, as well as a portfolio of rental properties and commercial buildings.

Through Kind Equity Partners, Erik is putting his decades of real estate expertise to work on behalf of his investors, helping them reach their goals, achieve financial freedom, and build a legacy for their families.

All In The Family

Real estate investing isn’t just something we tell other people to do; we practice what we preach. In fact, the whole Jackson family is involved in real estate investing.

Together, we’ve invested in a diversified real estate portfolio ranging from single-family rentals to duplexes, mixed-use apartments, small offices, triple net leases, and even ground-up development.

Investing passively in multifamily real estate syndications (group investments) has helped us create passive income and build a legacy for our family, and we want to help you do the same!

Strategic Advisors

Julie Lam
CEO, Goodegg Investments

Julie Lam, co-founder and CEO of Goodegg Investments, has been investing in real estate since 2009. During that time, she has focused mostly on buy-and-hold rentals, private lending, passive investing through real estate syndications, and active multifamily investing.

Goodegg Investments has syndicated 6,600+ multifamily units, worth over $800M. As a real estate investment company, they focus on preserving and growing investor capital by identifying conservative investment opportunities that are acquired and managed by experienced partners who have a proven track record of success.

Through this process, investors leverage their knowledge, expertise, and relationships within the multifamily apartment space.

Annie Dickerson
COO, Goodegg Investments

Annie Dickerson, co-founder and COO at Goodegg Investments, has invested in multifamily real estate since 2008. Her current portfolio spans multiple markets around the country and includes both active and passive investments. Annie specializes in strategic brand initiatives, investor education, and marketing.

Together, Annie and Julie are the co-creators of the Real Estate Accelerator Mentorship Program and the Passive Real Estate Investor Academy, co-hosts of the Life and Money Show podcast, and co-authors of the book Investing For Good: How To Build Wealth While Also Making An Impact.

Get Started Today

If you’re ready to take your financial future into your own hands and to create passive income and a lasting legacy for your family, start today.

Join the Kind Equity Club – we’ll start by getting to know you and your investing goals, and then we’ll start to share investment opportunities with you. It’s completely free to join, and there’s no obligation to invest.