Build wealth and create a lasting legacy


Let’s face it – you work hard, and you deserve to play hard too. You put in long hours, take pride in the quality of your work, and have a passion for making a difference.

You enjoy the work you do, but something in the back of your mind wonders if there’s a better way to invest your money, create passive income, and grow your wealth.

At Kind Equity Partners, we know it can be overwhelming to navigate the world of passive income and real estate investing, which is why we make it easy for you and walk you through it, step by step.


It’s hard to know where to turn when it comes to investing your money. You want to invest in real estate, but you don’t have time to deal with the hassles of being a landlord.

That’s where passive investing comes in. Through investing passively in real estate syndications (group investments), you’ll build ongoing monthly cash flow so you can focus on what matters most, all while your money works for YOU.

How It Works

Step 1 – Join

Start by joining the Kind Equity Club, a community of people just like you, who are looking to grow their wealth and achieve financial freedom.

Step 2 – Learn

Once you join, we’ll take some time to learn more about you and your goals, share valuable resources, and help you to achieve your goals.

Step 3 -Invest

We’ll help you invest passively in various real estate projects (group investments) alongside us, so you can create ongoing passive income.

Step 4 – Enjoy

With every investment, you’ll build an additional stream of passive income, helping you get one step closer to financial freedom and a lasting legacy.


Operating Partners

  • Track Records
  • Assumptions
  • Team and Management
  • Exit Strategy
  • Communication and Transparency
  • Risk Management and Contingency Plans
  • References

Investment Properties

  • Comparable Sales
  • Quality of tenants
  • Rental Income Potential
  • Supply and Demand


  • Economic Growth
  • Diverse Industries
  • Population Trends
  • Security and Safety
  • Accessibility
  • Resilience
  • Tax Rates and Incentives

Third-Party Consultants

  • Legal
  • Accounting
  • Escrow Services
  • Property Management


“Erik Jackson was the first and only person I turned to when the opportunity came for our family to diversify our portfolio after an inheritance.

In the nearly 20 years I’ve known Erik, he has impressed with an unusual combination of deep curiosity, great intelligence and the ability to apply applicable lessons to current situations. He is one of a kind!

I trust Erik both explicitly and implicitly to manage any future investments in Kind Equity Partners, my families and yours.”

Judith Miller
J. Miller and Company
Facilitator for Remodelers Advantage
Author of “The Remodelers ULTIMATE Guide to QuickBooks Pro”

Ready To Start Your Journey?

If you’re ready to leverage real estate to build passive income so you can create your ideal life, we’re here to help.

Start by joining the Kind Equity Club today.