by  | Feb 25, 2022

When you consider real estate syndication for the first time as an investment option, it can feel lonely and overwhelming.

I used to also experience fears and doubts about investing in a property that I had never seen.  I was concerned about how the project would perform if something went wrong, and how what would be the effect on the return? 

However, these fears were addressed through research. Reading a lot of articles and listening to podcasts helps me to feel confident about taking the chance of investing.

If you are considering investing in your first real estate syndication but are still hesitant, I highly recommend you to do research, connect with other investors, check through previous deals, and take your time.

Take time to Research

The best way to build your investing confidence is through self-education and research. Listen to podcasts, read books, and find websites on real estate.

It is very important to take time to learn more about something that you want to invest in. You need to be mentally, physically, and financially prepared and literate when it comes to investments.

Books to read:

  • Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki
  • Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill
  • It’s a Whole New Business by Gene Trowbridge
  • Principles of Real Estate Syndication by Samuel Freshman


  • Best Real Estate Investing Advice Ever with Joe Fairless
  • BiggerPockets Podcast
  • The Real Wealth Show with Kathy Fettke

Ask the right Questions

There are also relevant Facebook groups and forums like BiggerPockets which can help you learn what questions you should be asking. It’s likely that other people have asked about your same questions and concerns, just by reading through the forum’s questions and answers, you’ll gain clarity.

Remember that there are no dumb questions, you are finding the answers to your concerns and you have the right to be diligent and consistent in gathering answers to your concerns.

Connect with Other Investors

Every successful investor has connected with a supportive community and considering that real estate syndication is a group investment, you’ll want to get networking.

New investors will share similar doubts, anxieties, questions, confusion, curiosity, and excitement. Experienced investors and experts can provide invaluable firsthand accounts of their experience with various projects and sponsors.

Join the Kind Equity Club, feel free and ask your questions and learn more about Real Estate syndication. The Kind Equity Club is a community of investors just like you. Together, we invest in cash-flowing multifamily real estate syndications in order to preserve and grow our wealth, create passive income, and build a lasting legacy for our families.

Review Previous Deals

Knowing the numbers, projections, summary data, and other information may feel overwhelming. However, the advantage of reviewing more investment summaries is that you’ll start to understand more the flow of the deal packages — how each sponsor communicates and which investments are right for you.

Take Your Time

Don’t be overwhelmed that new investment opportunities fill up quickly. Sometimes, this can make new investors panic and start to believe they are missing the best deals. The right investment will come and there will always be better and other opportunities. Allow yourself time to complete the process of learning more as a first-time investor, so that when you make your syndication choice, you are confident about every step.

Considering Everything

As an investor and sponsor, I’ve experienced feeling anxious. It is completely normal to feel skeptical, and timid when making your first syndication commitment. The ability to take action separates the successful from those who give up. Your first real estate syndication deal is a big milestone in your investing and growth journey.

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